Verre Églomisé: Geometric

Verre églomisé is the process of gilding precious metals to the reverse of a glass surface to produce a reflective, mirrored surface.
We combine verre églomisé techniques with etching, painting, distressing and laminating to create wonderful abstract, patterned and figurative artwork suitable as both wall coverings and structural components of your environment.

map of the stars gilded glass art pattern
rectangle gilded glass pattern
star shape gilded glass pattern
houndstooth sinewave verre eglomise pattern
isometric cube gilded glass square pattern art
gilded glass feather texture artwork
herringbone parquet gilded glass verre eglomise
circular repeating pattern verre eglomise
geometric verre eglomise on black background
verre eglomise map of london gilded glass
gold verre eglomise texture
mirrored pattern verre eglomise art
butterfly pattern gilded glass artwork
butterfly pattern verre eglomise
verre eglomise stars
square geometric gilded artwork
brown gilded glass organic pattern
blue and orange verre eglomise geometric pattern art
golden square geometirc pattern gilded glass